The Aruba Symphony Festival, is an international musical event that will be held from July 20-29, 2017 in Aruba. This project aims to transform Aruba into an international music center while contributing to the academic and musical development of Aruban youth.

Our strategy contains two main objectives:

  1. To organize world class concerts with well-known musicians who will not only perform but will educate young musicians from all over the world who are coming to Aruba to participate in our academy.

  2. To offer world class concerts throughout the island to provide the Aruban community and foment Aruba’s cultural progress.

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Wanna post about the ASF 2017? Download the 2017 Press Release HERE

Leadership & Staff

Simon Gollo, Artistic Director

Susana Parra, Executive Director

Jean-Christophe Dobrzelewski, Brass Academy Director

Santiago Salazar, Student Services Manager

Diana Sanchez, Coordinator

Veronica Parra, Graphic Design and Illustration

Rodney Lopez, Photography

Maria Angelica Rodriguez Bejarano, Video recording

Board Members

President: Simon Gollo

Treasurer: Susana Parra

Secretary: Marcelino Gerald Kock

Member: Clyde Harms (Honorary President)

Member: Johnny Croes

Special thanks to… Victoria Isabel Gollo